Sunday, March 10, 2013

What do Fairies Like?

Now that you know what fairies dislike, you probably would like to know what they do like! It is said that fairies love milk, honey, bread, and cream so it may be a good idea to leave those foods as offering to them. Fae love when humans leave out a bowl or pail of water, so they can wash their babies. They are also attracted to any kind of creativity, including art, poetry, writing, dancing, music, etc. If you are doing any of those activities, they just might whisper ideas of inspiration to you! They love anything shiny, such as silver, gold, gems, jewelry, and much more. If you are building a fairy house, perhaps leave some glittery objects for them to admire. The good fairies, like those of the Seelie Court, are supposedly easy to please as long as you treat them with respect. Also, they are attracted to children laughing and playing, and will either peek out at them through the trees, or even join in with them! Fae folk love neatness and tidiness, and as mentioned before, will mildly punish maidens who do not have a clean home. Hospitality, generosity, and good manners will please the fairies. They are not attracted to people who are angry, cruel, selfish, and ill mannered. Well, at least not the good kinds of Fae. Oh, we almost forgot to mention that they love cake, jam, chocolate, and other delicacies. They always love to be around kind people who care for the Earth, because nature is their home and they cherish it dearly. Fae love to go to any welcoming, comforting place when they are eagerly invited, so perhaps you can ask them to come visit your home or room by leaving them their own little area where they can celebrate and play. That is all for now, and if you are wondering about their favorite plants and flowers or anything else at all, make sure to leave a comment and we will write another post about the topic! Thanks!


  1. Hi, I really like your blog a lot! It is so interesting and I love reading all about what fairies like ( and don't like). I had no idea! Anyway, I will keep following because I too love fairies and I especially like all of the details you include. You are a really good writer!!

    1. Thank you so much! Me, James, and Skye are just so incredibly happy to keep receiving all these kind comments! We also love that you find our blog very interesting, because that is our goal! To keep readers interested, and educate people of fairies! We are glad that you will keep following our blog, and are thrilled that you seem to love fairies as much as we do! Again, thank you so much; it is so nice to hear that you think we are good writers! Best wishes, Alice, James, and Skye.

  2. I put a fairy door and mailbox on my wall in my room. Under the door I put offerings such as a small chocolate bar wrapped and a raisin. I have not heard any peeps from my fairy. I hope you can give me some ideas to attract her and her attention to my room. By the say, my fairy's name is Dusty.